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Religious Education

Contact: Kimberly Chapman

Please note the color of the forms needed to register for our various offerings. (Click on the color/form in parenthesis to open the form.)

Family Foundations (K-5th Grade Family Faith Formation) (Pink Form)

This program takes on the format of whole family catechesis (child/children and parent). Bi-monthly meetings will be themed based on the liturgical calendar and include music, whole group instruction, with the bulk of the time spent in family learning centers having fun learning about our faith as a family, with hands on activities, stories, discussions, and crafts. Our goal is to support the domestic church by empowering and supporting parents in handing on our Catholic faith to their children. Consumable materials with parent implementation resources will be sent home from each gathered session to support ongoing formation in the home and life of the family. Sessions take place on scheduled Sunday mornings 8:45-9:45 a.m. at the St. Joseph Marian Center.

Youth Formation (6th-12th Grade) (White w/logo Form)

Youth ministry for our middle and high school teens. This program will include all aspects of effective and engaging youth ministry--formation, service, spirituality and social. Sessions are held on Sunday evenings 6:30-8PM at Saint Mary Star of the Sea. 

Youth Sacrament Preparation

First Holy Communion and Reconciliation (Purple Form)

Children who are in second grade or older and have already been baptized are eligible to prepare for the sacraments of First Penance and First Holy Communion.  Sacramental preparation is done separate from and in addition to religious education--either participation in the parish "Family Foundations" program, or by attending Catholic school. Sacramental preparation is a combination of parent led home-study and gathering sessions. For each sacrament (Penance and Holy Communion), parents are asked to attend a parent session that includes formation and where they are given resources to work with their child at home to prepare, at the end of the home-preparation process, parents and children attend a retreat experience. (September 10, 2017 is the registration deadline for First Sacraments Preparation)

Confirmation (Yellow Form)

Youth who are in 10th grade or older are eligible to prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation. Preparation for Confirmation is done separate from and in addition to religious education---either participation in the parish youth program, or by attending Catholic school. A parent/candidate meeting will be held Sunday, October 2nd at 6PM at Saint Mary Star of the Sea (September 10, 2017 is the registration deadline for Confirmation Preparation)  

Registration Fees:

To offset the rising costs of materials used in our programs, a registration fee is asked for all participants.

  • Family Foundations & Youth: $30 per participant, $75 maximum family charge
  • Sacramental Preparation Material/Retreat Fee: $25 per participant

No one will be turned away from participating if these fees are a challenge. Please contact Kimberly Chapman (KChapmanPC@gmail.com) with any questions.   


Christian Formation Offerings and Registration Information: 2017-2018

Religious Education Classes

It is that time of year to start planning on religious education classes. There are some changes this year as classes will be held at each of the Cluster Parishes. Register your children now!